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CSOG Objects of the Month - April 2014

Six objects feature as CSOG's Objects of the Month. A northern and a southern constellation, three objects each, positioned favorably this time of the year.
To demonstrate the CSOG concept, guides are included in all four image orientation options with matching tours and AstroPlanner planfiles.
Download and unzip for use on your tablet, add a red screen cover, dim to taste and observe. Give it a go and don't forget to share your observations!


Constellation map LynxA planetary nebula, a galaxy and a Hickson group in the constellation of Leo.




Constellation map CarinaA carbon star, a globular cluster and a planetary nebula in the constellation of Vela.



As posted on Cloudy Nights and Deep Sky Forum

Click here for the Objects of the Month archive

If you have a request or suggestion for a future Object of the Month, please let me know.


Please click on the links below to download samples with mirrored (MH, MV or MHV) or unmirrored (True) images.

Planetary nebulae in Cygnus

Constellation map Cygnus8-10" telescopes (38 MB)

Galaxies in Fornax

Constellation map Fornax5-6" telescopes, the second of two galaxy guides in this constellation for this aperture (10 MB)

Carbon stars in Orion

Constellation map Orion8-10" telescopes (25 MB)

Globular clusters in Dorado

Constellation map Dorado8-10" telescopes, the second of two globular cluster guides in this constellation for this aperture (24 MB)

Open clusters in Vela

Constellation map Vela5-6" telescopes, the second of two open cluster guides in this constellation for this aperture (11 MB)

Messier objects

Constellation map Coma Berenicesin the constellation of Coma Berenices (12 MB)

Herschel objects

Constellation map Geminiin the constellation of Gemini (65 MB)

Herschel 400 objects

Constellation map Aurigain the constellation of Auriga (20 MB)

Dunlop objects

Constellation map Centaurusin Centaurus (52 MB)

Hickson compact galaxy groups

Hickson 42 in Hydra, Hickson 50 in Ursa Major & Hickson 79 in Serpens (78 MB)